Is your hotel getting the most out of the Internet?
We all know how quickly a property can become buried among the pages of an Internet site and how much time and talent
it takes to keep up with rate and inventory changes. Achieving top performance can be frustrating and time consuming.
There is a better way.

Room Results, Inc. is your solution to affordable online travel agency channel management. With our highly trained team of professionals you can regain control of your time, while increasing room nights and yield.

Our contacts, experience, and low-rates make us the perfect solution to drive your Internet sales skyward.

Improve RevPAR
Room Results will help increase your hotel's daily revenue per available room and occupancy.

We can provide you with competitive set studies, market analysis, and hotel forecasts to keep you informed as to your direct competitors activities and collaborate with you the strategies that will help you get more market share from the largest distribution outlets in the world.

"If all revenue managers were like Room Results, it would be a great easy-breezy world!" - Alina, Orbitz

"I'll refer you to hotels here in town because you are so great to work with" - Jill, Travelocity

"...yours is one of the best run companies for rate management." - Jonna, Global Partner Services

"Room Results knowledge of the third party market and their constant contact with our market managers has lead to a tremendous increase in our third party market share." - Craig, Best Western Palm Desert

"Our little 89 room hotel, 20 minutes from Boston, is the number 3 hotel on We basically have a 2-star hotel on a list with 5-star hotels this could be you!" - Scott, Ocean Hospitality